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New extension for Google Chrome which lets you use experts in both brain science and subject matter to help craft your writing to improve messaging impact.

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About us

Realistically, no one can become an expert in all the various topics of the conversations that you write about. People want to monitor, research, and test messaging alternatives and options, especially when they’re quickly posting timely responses on a range of topics of interest.

However, there are people, like cognitive scientists, linguists, word smiths, and others who have studied effective messaging, metaphor and frame selection, and relevant subject matter details on your topics of interest. This tool leverages these experts and knowledge for improving your messaging so you don’t have to do all that study and research.

You can just write your message and instantly see online various cues for adjusting your message along with annotations guiding your use of those cues.

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How it works

Want to write a message on a different topic? You don’t need to research and develop your own custom solution – just use our pre-made solutions! Install the extention and you can immediately start using Metaphormic to begin improving your messaging on any of your online publications to other people.

Begin working is easy!